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“Talent” is the core asset and the most valuable asset of Bloomage Biotech. In this company, perfect talent training system and ascending development space have been built, so that everyone can develop and grow healthily.
Under the guidance of the core values of “persistence, perseverance, innovation and responsibility”, the Company hopes that talents will strive to cultivate their “Four spirits”— integrity, courage, fortitude and grandeur in their work and life, and gradually develop “Four concepts”—attitude, manner, insight and depth. It is an excellent style and positive spirit that must be possessed as qualified personnel of Bloomage Biotech.

Four concepts: Attitude, Manner, Insight, Depth

Attitude is the foundation that determines whether we can reach our goals
Manner determines the harmony of cooperation
Insight means ambition and foresight; both are vital to our success
Depth means a ceaseless learning aptitude and resilience, which mark how far we can go

Four spirits: Integrity, Courage, Fortitude and Grandeur

Integrity: moral, ethical, responsible, and honest 
Courage: brave challenges with fearlessness and determination
Fortitude: confident and independent, but not overbearing
Grandeur: naturally derived from integrity, courage, and strength