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Bloomage Biotech (formerly known as Bloomage Freda Biopharm Co., Ltd.) embarked on its journey in 2000, venturing into the production of hyaluronic acid through microbial fermentation.  With over two decades of unwavering commitment and ceaseless innovation, Bloomage Biotech has established itself as a prominent global biotechnology and biomaterial company that specializes in the industrialization of hyaluronic acid.

Bloomage Biotech is steadfastly dedicated to enhancing people's quality of life by creating healthier experiences.  Through its pioneering approach, the company strives to unlock the full potential of hyaluronic acid and revolutionize biotechnology.
In 2000
Company was established
337 Term
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More than 200
Product Specifications
Chairman's Speech

When asked about my aspirations, I instinctively replied: “CREATIVE TECHNOLOGY FOR VIBRANT LIFE.” To me, this dream was more than a fleeting idea; it stems from years of experience, contemplation, and commitment. United under this vision, our team and I are proud to have turned it into reality at Bloomage Biotech.

Today, Bloomage Biotech is striving to become a leader in the high-quality development of life sciences. Our obsession for excellence propels our work forward, and we’re excited to thrive in our journey.

2020: Zhao Yan was listed as a member of the “Most Outstanding Businesswomen of China” by Forbes China

2022: Zhao Yan was among the “Top 10 China Economic Person of the Year 2021”

March 2022: Zhao Yan was awarded the title of “National March 8th Flag Bearer of the Year 2021”

Ms. Zhao Yan

Bloomage Biotechnology Co., Ltd.
Chairman and general manager
Bloomage Biotech Milestones



  • Bloomage Biotech was established and began producing hyaluronic acid by microbial fermentation.

  • Bloomage Biotech won the Excellent Achievements Award of the 9th Five-year National Science and Technology Attack Plan.



  • Bloomage Biotech received approval for its sodium hyaluronate pharmaceutical excipients (SFDA Approval No. F20040001).

  • Bloomage Biotech won the "Second Class Prize of The National Science and Technology Progress Award“.




  • First Bloomage Biotech factory became operational in Jinan.





  • Bloomage Biotech became the world leading level producer of hyaluronic acid.

  • Bloomage Biotech passed the Chinese GMP certification, obtained the EU CEP certificate and US DMF registration number.

  • Bloomage Biotech is the first in the world to produce miniHA™ HA-Oligo Degraded by Hyaluronidase.



  • Bloomage Biotech passed the on-site audit of the American FDA.

  • Bloomage Biotech established its subsidiary in the U.S. 




  • Bloomage Biotech passed the on-site audit of Korean MFDS.



  • Bloomage Biotech’s pharmaceutical-grade sodium hyaluronate successfully completed the Japanese MF registration and obtained the Canadian DMF registration number.

  • Bloomage Biotech opened its second factory in Jinan.




  • Bloomage Biotech launches Gabarelax™ Gamma Aminobutyric Acid




  • Bloomage Biotech launches Hyamagic™-AcHA Sodium Acetylated Hyaluronate.



  • Bloomage Biotech has passed the European Union cosmetic raw material GMP certification.

  • Bloomage Biotech launches Hymagic™-4D 4D Hyaluronic Acid and Bioecto™ Ectoine.


  • Bloomage Biotech successfully listed in Science and Technology Innovation Board (688363).

  • Bloomage Biotech won the Gold Medal of China Patent Award.

  • Bloomage Biotech was listed on the "Green Manufacture List" by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and was awarded the national "green factory" laber.


  • Bloomage Biotech established its subsidiary in Japan.

  • Bloomage Biotech fully acquired Dongying Foster.

  • The World Hyaluronic Acid Museum was officially opened.

  • Bioyouth™-EGT Ergothioneine Complex was launched.



  • The National Health Commission approved the sodium hyaluronate declared by Bloomage Biotech as Novel Food.
  • Bloomage Biotech earned the title of “National Manufacturing Single Champion”.
  • Bloomage Biotech was recognized as a “National Enterprise Technical Center”.
  • Bloomage Biotech was recognized as a  “NMPA Key Laboratory for Quality Control of Cosmetics Raw Material”.

  • Bloomage Biotech opened its third factory in Tianjin factory.




  • Bloomage Biotech established its European and Korean subsidiaries.

  • Bloomage Biotech entered collagen industry, released collagen raw material products.
Corporate Honor

Bloomage Biotech has been widely recognized in the industry for its product and innovation leadership, earning honors such as:

- Second place: National Award for Science and Technology Progress 

- Gold: China Patent Award

- First, second, and third place: Scientific and Technological Progress in the Shandong Province

- Honorary title: National Green Factory

The Company has developed scientific research and talent innovation platforms such as the National Enterprise Technology Center, NMPA Key Laboratory for Quality Control of Cosmetic Raw Materials, Shandong Hyaluronic Acid Demonstration Engineering Technology Research Center, Shandong Academician Workstation, Jinan Engineering Laboratory, etc. The Company has successively undertaken more than 20 key R&D projects, independent innovation projects, technology development programs, and technological innovation projects in Shandong Province.

Bloomage Biotech has applied for 570 domestic and international patents, with 226 authorized, of which more than 80% are invention patents. 

Product Qualification
Bloomage Biotech’s innovations respect the industry’s ethical development standards. 

Our Cosmetic grade sodium hyaluronate products have passed the certification of ECOCERT, COSMOS, and VEGAN.

Our Pharmaceutical grade sodium hyaluronate products have passed the EU CEP certification and obtained the DMF registration number in the United States, South Korea, Japan, Russia, India, and Canada.

Our Food-grade sodium hyaluronate products have obtained the international Kosher Certification and the international Halal food certification.
Production Base