Bloomage receives highest honors from the All-China Women’s Federation


On this year’s International Women’s Day, one of the world’s premier women-led companies, Bloomage, is being awarded for its tremendous contributions to business, science, and gender equality. Bloomage has received the highest recognition from the All-China Women’s Federation for its trailblazing progress in these fields.

“I am thrilled and honored for Bloomage to receive this prestigious award from the All-China Women’s Federation,” noted Bloomage Chairperson and CEO Zhao Yan. “Women have become an important and influential force in tech innovation. The rise of this creativity and innovation show women’s abilities are being increasingly recognized by society.”

The success of Bloomage has been a steady process for over two decades that has shaped it into one of the world’s leading biomaterial companies. Bloomage was founded in 2000 and is now a global leader in developing and producing a range of bioactive materials including mucopolysaccharides, proteins, polypeptides, amino acids, nucleotides, and natural active compounds. These materials are used in a range of health and cosmetic products.

Under Zhao Yan’s leadership, Bloomage is now the leading producer of hyaluronic acid, a key ingredient in many personal care and health products. The company also collaborates with external research institutions, promoting private-public-partnerships to accelerate the commercialization of technology achievements.

But according to Zhao Yan, her proudest achievement at Bloomage is how the company became a model of gender equality and equal opportunity. Bloomage has put great effort into building fair and transparent procedures for hiring, promotions, and salaries, resulting in a workforce of over 4,200 employees that is 51% female and a leadership team that is 45% female. According to Zhao Yan, these equality-focused policies and procedures are what make Bloomage such a “stable and sustainable growing company.”

Since 1949, the All-China Women’s Federation has been working to serve women and safeguard their rights and interests by promoting gender equality and women’s all-round development. Bloomage has received these honors from the All-China Women’s Federation from its demonstrated robust commitment to promoting women in the workforce and taking actions to effectively advance gender equality which can drive stronger business outcomes.

Zhao concluded, “Women are equally capable of shouldering responsibility for advancing innovation and contributing value to society. Our progress represents the increasing equality of women’s social status. Women can enjoy equal rights and resources in education, actively participate in economic and social development, and have the opportunity to showcase talent. This progress is a manifestation of the harmony, happiness, and security of our country and society.”