Clean Beauty: A Green Fermentation Skincare Guide


What is clean beauty?

Influenced by sustainability, safety, and environmental friendliness, an increasing number of consumers are paying attention to the ingredients and efficacy of cosmetics. Clean Beauty caters to this consumer group by offering a green and environmentally friendly purchasing option. Safety, non-toxicity, absence of harmful chemicals, ingredient transparency, and environmental friendliness have become common principles among many clean beauty brands.

Today, Bloomage is introducing four green, natural, and sustainable ingredients. They are suitable for streamlined formulations and skincare routines, friendly to sensitive skin, ensuring that "reducing ingredients does not reduce efficacy." These ingredients build a burden-free "protective layer" for the skin, resisting pollution and combating aging caused by light; internally, they deeply moisturize and promote collagen regeneration. At the same time, by employing fermentation technology instead of extraction processes, they provide sustainable alternatives, efficiently and precisely addressing the diverse efficacy demands of users.

1. Miracle Repair Factor – Bioecto™ Ectoine
In dry climates, skin sensitivity and redness are easily triggered. Ectoine helps us build external protection, providing immediate relief.

A1 (1% Bioecto solution), A2 (1% DG(Dipotassium Glycyrrhizinate) solution)

Compared to the control group, Bioecto can significantly reduce the situation of facial red spots. And Bioecto has a better effect than Dipotassium Glycyrrhizinate.

2. Antioxidant Specialist - Bioyouth™-EGT Pure Ultrapure Ergothioneine

When the skin's regulatory ability diminishes, it becomes more sensitive to UV rays. Ultrapure Ergothioneine helps reduce oxidative damage caused by UV radiation, combats photoaging, and improves the skin's condition.

3. A new generation of Micromolecular HA-Hybloom™ Minitrue

Is the air conditioning making your skin drier? Is your skin lacking moisture? Ultra-small molecule Hyaluronic Acid (Mw<1000 Da) absorbs transdermally, reaching deep into the skin for hydration. It stimulates intrinsic power, initiating internal repair and promoting the generation of Hyaluronic Acid, ceramides, and type I collagen, enhancing the skin's winter barrier.

After one week of using 0.1% Hybloom™ Minitrue essence, compared with placebo, the water content of skin cuticle was significantly increased by 5.85%, %, TEWL decreased by 6.30%, %, skin elasticity increased by 4.22%, %, skin red value decreased by 2.10%.

4. Dedicated care for compromised skin barriers-Bloomcolla™ Col Ⅲ Recombinant Collagen Ⅲ

After the skin barrier is damaged, the more you scratch, the itchier it becomes. Acne marks, wounds, and small cracks are difficult to heal, leading to skin damage. Reconstructing type III collagen can soothe our skin, reduce the expression of inflammatory factors, and promote epidermal repair and dermal regeneration.
Screenshot 2024-01-05 134114.png
Screenshot 2024-01-05 134054.png
Screenshot 2024-01-05 134003.png

After using the essence containing 0.1% Bloomcolla™ Col III for four weeks, individuals with sensitive skin experience a significant improvement in skin moisture content, TEWL (Transepidermal Water Loss), and skin hemoglobin E1. Additionally,0.01%Bloomcolla™ Col III can stimulate the production of type I, type III collagen, and elastin proteins.

The above solution provides green and natural care for the skin. Say goodbye to allergic reactions, dryness, dehydration, fine lines, and wrinkles!