Bloomage Reiterates Commitment in Preserving Intangible Chinese Cultural Heritage


Bloomage, a globally renowned biotechnology and biomaterials company specializing in hyaluronic acid innovations, is reiterating its commitment to preserving intangible cultural heritage through its "YunZhong (In Cloud) Public Welfare" campaign. Beyond producing hyaluronic acid through its advanced microbial fermentation technology, Bloomage has dedicated itself to safeguarding China's invaluable intangible cultures and showcasing their traditions on the global stage.

Bloomage's "YunZhong (In Cloud) Public Welfare" campaign has been ongoing since 2011. Its primary goal is to discover and protect the neglected yet profound Chinese cultures and customs. Many of these cultural elements are intangible, passed through generations without physical records. The lack of reference makes these already delicate traditions, ceremonies, songs and dances even more fragile and precious.

"In our cultural fabric reside our identity, the wisdom of our past and stories of our shared journey," said Zhao Yan, Bloomage chairperson and CEO. "The 'YunZhong Public Welfare' campaign not only exemplifies our efforts in restoring radiance to endangered cultures, but also connects fragmented communities to share their greatness. The campaign is just a part of Bloomage's commitment to sustainable development as we strive create a more vibrant future for all, both environmentally and culturally."

For 13 years, the "YunZhong (In Cloud) Public Welfare" campaign has partnered with various art institutions, music academies, acclaimed painters, musicians and performers. This collaboration is dedicated to the "discovery, preservation, and promotion" of fading traditional cultures found within remote communities. The campaign actively provides a platform for cultural bearers to underscore the significance of these endangered traditions.


Cultural treasures, especially those nestled within hidden and isolated communities, often remain overshadowed and neglected. Nevertheless, they carry tales of living history. The "YunZhong (In Cloud) Public Welfare" campaign plays a pivotal role in safeguarding these cultural treasures, ensuring they can be passed down to future generations. It bridges traditional communities and the modern cityscape, highlighting the need to preserve culture alongside advancing technology.

To date, "YunZhong (In Cloud) Public Welfare" has successfully helped 346 traditional cultural inheritors to showcase their vibrancy on the international stages, attracting a staggering 3.2 million visitors through various exhibitions.

The roots of "YunZhong (In Cloud) Public Welfare" trace back to the devastating May 12 earthquake in Sichuan Province in 2008. Apart from raising over 35.5 million yuan (5 million USD) for disaster relief through collaboration with cultural leaders, this connection unveiled a deeper layer of China's intangible historical culture, one that Bloomage has sought to preserve ever since.