Research and Innovate

Excellent scientific research and technical team:

Bloomage Biotech has provincial hyaluronic acid demonstration engineering technology research center, provincial enterprise technology center and national high-tech enterprise research and development platform in Jinan and Shanghai research and development center in Shanghai. Our company's chief scientist Dr. Guo Xueping led the R&D team that more than 185 people. After nearly 20 years of research and development, we have built the international advanced platform of hyaluronic acid crosslinking technology, hyaluronic acid application research platform and microbial fermentation technology platform.
At the same time, we also collaborate with Harvard University, Tsinghua University, etc.


Remarkable scientific achievements:

Based on the study of hyaluronic acid, our company's chief scientist Dr. Guo Xueping leads the R&D team more than 20 scientific and technological projects, such as China "eighth five-year" and "ninth five-year" scientific and technological tackling plans, China torch plan, major special projects of Shandong province, key R&D projects of Shandong province, and technological innovation projects of Shandong province.


About Dr. Guo Xueping:

● Member of the international society of hyaluronan sciences
● Winner of National Science and Technology Prize
● Wu Jieping Medical Research Award & Paul Janssen Pharmaceutical Research Award
● Expert that has special government allowances

Dr. Guo Xueping
Chief Scientist of Bloomage Biotech

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