Hyafactor™ - SG Sclerotium Gum Hydrogel

Sclerotium Gum, also known as Scleroglucan (Sclg), is a non-ionic homopolysaccharide secreted by fungi of the genus Sclerotium, has a backbone build up by β-1,3-D-glucopyranosyl units with single β-1,6-D-glucopyranosyl side chains linked to every third residue in the main chain. In aqueous solution, it exhibits a linear, rigid, triple helical structure.

Hyafactor-SG exerts high water-holding and water-replenishing ability, can increase skin barrier function and nourish dry and rough skin, providing a smooth, soft, fresh feeling to cosmetic formulations. In addition, due to its special triple helical structure, Hyafactor-SG guarantees high safety and compatibility, showing high tolerance to temperature, pH, electrolytes, shear force, etc.


INCI name: Sclerotium Gum

Recommend dosage: 0.5%-8%

Usage: Skin care products, such as essence, mask, toner, lotion, cream, facial cleaner, etc. Makeup products, such as air cushion cream, foundation, makeup removing products, etc. Hair products, such as hair gel, hair mask, etc.

SG has highly transparent, and can be easily used in formulation.

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