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The company has been developed a lot of HA products and fermentation active ingredients for cosmetic industry, based on the HA Application Platform and Fermentation Platform. Such as, Hybloom™ is the cosmetic grade sodium hyaluronate with different molecular weight. miniHA™ and microHA™are extremely low molecular weight with high activities.  Hyacross™ is the cross-linked HA. Hyacolor™ is especially designed for color cosmetics, and cationHA™ is designed for rinse-off products. Meanwhile, Hyafactor-SG™, Hyafactor-PGA™, Hyafactor-NAG™, Gabacare™, Bioecto™, Bioyouth™-EGT, Bioyouth™-Brice, Bioyouth™-Natto are fermentation ingredients with different efficacies. So Bloomage can provide many efficacy solutions for cosmetic products, including moisturizing, repairing, delay skin aging, brightening, etc.

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